Beware budget dog care! The warning signs!

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Recently Facebook was buzzing with a horror story of a dog ‘Carer’ a Mr John Walsh, who not only didn’t care – but has been reported to the RSPCA and will be prosecuted for cruelty if there were any justice.
What happened to a Pug he was supposed to be looking after in the owner’s absence was so shocking it was published in the national press & You Tube  (lots of links at the end of this blog), but here is a summary:
Going away to Brazil for 6 weeks, Jackson Millan, of Sydney, Australia, left his Pug & Boxer with a man he found online. He found on the man on Mad Paws - a company that puts dog owners in touch with those willing to look after their dogs – and yet within a few weeks the mans monstrous treatment of the Pug Otis means the dog was left with a life threatening six-inch wound.
Mad Paws has a varied mix of people offering their services. There are a few professionals such as my Ho…

Is Anything Cuter than a Cavoodle?!

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There are many blogs existing still on this site, however, my more recent Blogs are on my new website. As you will see below these include topics such as recall training and dog obedience, dog beds (and why they are so important) and useful hints on your dogs safety, even how to make dogs toys for free (well almost) and overweight dogs plus much more besides:

My Hound Dog Hotel provides exclusive and elite  24/7 care for dogs. To find out more and read the Blog all about adorable Cavoodles (and to reveal the answer to the question, Is anything Cuter than a Cavoodle?) head on over  by this link:-

Here are links other blogs you might like to read. The two on recall are essential reading for those who need to get their dogs to return reliably.



Tick Collars or Chews - what's the best protection for my dog?

Just a quick reminder, Perfect Pet Sitter (me!) still exists, except now your dog can come to me at my exclusive Boutique Doggie Hotel!

At the Hound Dog Hotel all doggie guests have to show they are up to date with their inoculations - this works for the safety of each guest and all my clients have no trouble producing their dog's certificates.

It is also a requirement that dogs must have protection against fleas and ticks. 

This area can be quite contentious and I do understand that some people worry about the effects of tablets and medicines upon their dog. But in the case of ticks - being resistant to the idea of dosing your dog with an efficacious treatment could cost your dog their life.

In my opinion and experience, Flea collars are simply not adequate. According to quality they vary in how effective they are, and whilst some might be Ok in areas of low incidents of ticks, where dogs are being walked in summer in grassy areas, the chances of ticks escalate. And when dogs also li…

Fantastic French Bulldogs!

At the Hound Dog Hotel, exclusive dog accommodation on the Central Coast, I've had many different breeds of come to reside as pampered guests. (Just to explain, I started out as the Perfect Pet Sitter but these days my elite specialist pet minding service is for your dog and VIP (Very Important Pet) at my Hound Dog Hotel).

Over the years I’ve cared for a great variety of different breeds. But recently young Douglas arrived who was the first French Bulldog who’s been to stay – and what a character! Just to look at him made me smile - and he blew away any preconceived ideas I had about Frenchies!

I’ve written a blog about French Bulldogs which you can find by heading over to my main website :

To see a long, long list of the variety of breeds of dog I've cared for see further below.  

Meanwhile you might want to read a few of my most popular blogs (over 50 published) that you can still find on this site. 

Is anything cuter than a Cavoodle?Unique 3 step check …

This way to find the very best dog care anywhere!

Perfect Pet Sitter is now offering an even more exclusive pet minding service at our Hound Dog Hotel on the Central Coast. Just 75 mins from Sydney, our premium dog accommodation and care are a unique combination. No Kennels - doggie guests live inside in air conditioned luxury, with free access to highly secure grounds outside.  

Hound Dog Hotel is a true Home-away-from-Home. We only accept just 3-4socialised doggie guests at any one time. Here they have company around the clock, exercise daily (come rain or shine). With fun, games, stimulation and constant care there really is no better alternative for your dog whilst you’re away. 

To find out more click here:

There are over 50 blogs on this site and below is Kelly's story giving an accurate picture of what it's like for your beloved dog staying at the Hound Dog Hotel. 


A recent first time guest at the Hound Dog Hotel (the best dog care anywhere!) was a gentle so…

Laughing Labradors and an Avalanche of Afghan Hounds

From July to October 2016 I was in the UK visiting relatives and experiencing an extraordinary Indian Summer. 

Although away I knew canine guests at our outstanding 5* Boutique HOUND DOG HOTEL - a true Pet Resort - would continue to be looked after to the same standout care my many clients have come to expect. This is as in my absence my daughter was there providing continuity and our unique service.
But whilst it’s was good to visit my family, I did miss looking after doggie guests.

So imagine how happy I was to meet two Labs, Libby and Bonnie. They came bounding along the pavement to say hello one day. They had been outside with their owners but on seeing me came to investigate. With broad smiles on their faces as Labs so often have, and furiously wagging their tails, they were irrisistible.
UK dog owners are blessed as you can walk your dogs and let them be leash free almost everywhere. One such place is the outstanding Epping Forest. I enjoy walking there - but no walk is the same wit…