Thursday, 28 July 2016

10 reasons we’re the best of the best

When you’re planning a trip or holiday there’s only one thing as important as where you’ll be staying  – and that is working out who is going to love and care for your best friend while you are away.

Izzy stayed 6 weeks, here followed by Honey & Mello

Honey & Izzy find a specially interesting scent

Honey's turn in the lead followed by Izzy & Mello
Our fur pals are part of our family and their welfare – mental and physical – is a major concern. So what value would you you place on finding a solution:-

  1. So superior to Kennels that it cannot even be compared?
  2. Less worrying than taking a chance on amateurs who only look after dogs ‘on the side’ and leave them while they go out to work?
  3. And more reliable that asking favours from friends and risk being let down at the last minute?

Mello puts his all into exercise sessions - nap time!

For professional dog care close to Sydney, my unique high end Pet Resort on the Central Coast is where you will find the perfect answer.

Sulla & Izzy despite size difference adored each other

I offer exclusive care where your dog has VIP status and will find themselves staying in Doggie Paradise. In fact, the only concern you have when you book your dog for a stay at my 5 Star Hotel is they will have such a great holiday they might not want to come home!!

No where else would you find professional care so exclusive it is only available to just three dogs at any one time.  By limiting the number of guests each dog receives tailored care and individual attention. Owners booking their dogs for a stay have the reassurance of knowing they are being treated as VIPs by professionals with extensive expertise in providing a first class service. All this in a safe environment with every comfort of home.

10 reasons we are the best in dog care:

  1. A true Home from Home limited to just 3 doggie guests at any one time.
  2. Low numbers ensure attention to your dog’s specific needs which can be catered for with individually tailored care plans.
  3. Your dog lives and sleeps inside the fully air-conditioned home - no kennels here.
  4. Dogs with anxiety separation can sleep in my ensuite where they can see me at all times.
  5. Company around the clock. Your dog is our job We do not go out to work or leave our guest doggies alone. We stay with our doggie guests 24/7 observing and supervising play, feeding and activities.
  6. We continue the same feeding programme as when your dog is at home with you - no changes to their diet helps them settle.
  7. An adult only environment (no children).
  8. Doggie guests have access to a level and secure garden area outside and a variety of comfy beds inside.
  9. Daily quality outdoor exercise - minimum of 45 mins a session.
  10. Email ‘Pupdates’ – reports and photos – telling the story of what adventures and fun your dog has been involved in forwarded to you every day.


Our clients love ‘Pupdates’. Each report is detailed with facts and info which demonstrate we know your dog and recognise their individual traits and needs. Here is a recent email comment from Felicity, owner of Izzy, about these daily pupdates:
“Hi Maralyn,
Re the Sat email. You keep so busy, and the daily updates are so full of detail & humour, we owners become a bit addicted to receiving them while we’re away! And I'm amazed that Izzy keeps at Sulla for play & games, she has become more of a puppy than ever with him!” 


We welcome dogs who can come in all shapes and sizes. Recent guests who have stayed in the past few weeks include:

Sulla a puppy Bernese Mountain Dog yet already 55 Kgs,
Izzy a Lab x Staffie 5 years old yet as playful as a puppy herself, Honey a Spaniel with the cutest wrinkly nose when she gets excited, Mello a puppy Chocolate Lab and although a baby not even 20 weeks already extraordinarily good to recall.
(We often have Cavoodles, Milly & Chloe and also little Sparky are a few examples and West Highland Whites such as Murphy).

Sulla a gentle giant - 55Kgs and only 18 months old

So size is not a bar to being offered a place. However, any new potential guest does have to be vetted prior to a stay to ensure they are social. And as you would expect it is vital we have sight of vaccinations and proof of an up-to-date Flea and Tick programme. In that way everyone is protected.


Our guests have an outdoor exercise session every day without fail. This can be a wonderful walk by Brisbane waters where there are endless scents of ducks and other birds to investigate. It can be on one of our many local beaches which have extensive leash free areas and safe Lagoons to swim in. Or it could be a long walk in the local area.

Whatever walk we do each day clients are send a GPS print out of the session which shows where we went, the time we were there and the total duration of the session. And whilst we guarantee a minimum time out of 45 minutes often it is longer and some days we take the dogs out twice.

the GPS only measures my distance...

remember your dog is running & playing so covers much greater distance than I record!


If you are seeking a quality of care that matches the love you have for your pet, just contact to arrange a familiarisation visit. Then you’ll see first hand why four out of five of our bookings are our regular clients who check their VIP into us again and again. They know we're the best and most exclusive Pet Resort on the Central Coast. In fact we believe we’re the most exclusive Pet Resort in the whole of Australia so come along and see why!

Millie & Chloe, sisters and regular clients
Izzy doing her thing - enjoying life!
Izzy loved teasing Sulla
Sulla after a session with Izzy!!!
Shelly Beach after a long walk with Izzy & Honey
Izzy Honey & Mello
Honey & Mello, every dog has their own bed but often they share!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

See why Perfect Pet Sitter is the best dog care anywhere

What value would put on knowing your dog is having as great a time on their holiday as you are on yours? Recently I had three terrific dogs stay with me – Leo,  Audrey and Max – and they had the time of their lives. So I thought I would share the comments from the three respective owners which of themselves create a vivid picture of the care your canine will receive. (scroll all the way down for many pictures)

My 2 year old Labradoodle, Leo, has been a regular 'guest' of Maralyn's ever since he was a young puppy.

What makes Maralyn the 'Perfect Petsitter' from Leo's doggy perspective? He gets to stay in a wonderful home environment with a carer who is both wonderfully caring and affectionate - whilst at the same time reinforcing rules of good doggy behaviour that ensures a consistent approach to training. The fact that Maralyn only ever has 2 or 3 dogs at a time means that each stay Leo gets to make new friends, or reconnect with old mates, but he still gets the personal touch that a big kennel environment cannot provide. On top of this, he gets a fantastic vacation - romping on the beautiful beaches of the lovely Central Coast.

What makes Maralyn the Perfect Petsitter from my - the owner's - perspective? I am always 100% confident that Leo is going to be well cared for in every way. I get a daily 'map my dog walk' and fantastic photos (Maralyn has a great eye!) so that I can follow his daily adventures. I know he's being fed and exercised properly, as he always returns in top health!  Maralyn always goes the extra mile - showering the dogs every time they've been to the beach or get muddy, administering medication when needed, and even taking him to the vet when concerned.

She's also always demonstrated great flexibility with short notice bookings or date changes.

Maralyn 'perfectly' combines a highly professional approach with an incredible personal, caring touch (with both dogs & their owners!)  I can't recommend her highly enough.
Gina, North Balgowlah.    Leo>


Leo loves watching the TV but prefers cartoons, here The Lion King!


Our 7 month old Lagotto, Max, has just returned from a week's holiday with Maralyn Nash at Perfect Pet Sitters. Before leaving Max's for his very first stay away from home we did some extensive research.
We can't praise Maralyn's care of Max highly enough. A unique point of difference with her service are the daily walks she takes her dogs to the beautiful beaches near her house as well as the detailed daily emails (aka journals) she sends with photos of what the dogs are doing on their 'holiday'.
The emails were not only entertaining but they also kept us right up to date on all of Max's holiday adventures with new found friends.
We are delighted to have found such a professional and friendly pet setting service.
Dorothy and Paul,  Sydney.    Max>

example of one of our beach walks


Hi Maralyn,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for taking such good care of my Audrey again!
She has settled straight back in to her Wollstonecraft life and is her usual happy self! Her foot is still going strong with no sign of a limp!
It's such a relief to be able to go away and know she is being so well looked after.
Thank you again.
Lucy  - Wollstonecraft.  Audrey>
Dear little Audrey, her tail never stops wagging!


The above three lovely dogs above were here at the same time. Leo (a Labradoodle) & Audrey (a Spaniel) are both ‘regulars’.  For Max (a Lagotto Romango) as it was going to be his very first stay away from home his owners sensibly brought him along beforehand for a pre-stay visit to check out what's on offer. 

Familiarisation visits act as reassurance for new clients when they and their dogs come along for a meet and greet and they can see the set up before making a booking.

Max enjoyed his visit, exploring the house and garden. I could already see he had heaps of personality yet was also mature for his 7 months - with excellent recall. Before they returned home I took him and his family to one of the wonderful local beaches for a fun walk.


So young or old, new client or regular guest, here’s why your perfect dog loves staying with Perfect Pet Sitter.

Exercise is included daily and is a minimum 45 min highly active session – but often well over an hour, depending upon where we go and the weather.

All our walks are off leash and either at the beach or local walks by Brisbane water, so if your dog is a water baby they will be in their element.

Each day of a guest dogs stay the owners receive a detailed ‘pupdate’. This comprehensive daily report includes entertaining tales all about your dog including:-

  • Full and descriptive notes of what your dog has done that day
  • A print screen of a GPS map showing
  • Where the walk took place
  • How long we were out
  • The precise route taken
  • Photos so you can envision the fun and games your canine is having

Your dog lives in the house and enjoys play times when at home. Games such as ‘find it’ are a great favourite –a terrific game as encourages dogs to use their nose and brain.  Dogs are shown a snorting piggie or other toy and have to wait whilst it’s hidden. Then it’s ‘FIND IT! and all sorts of mayhem and fun ensures as they scour the house looking for the quarry.  Once they learn how to play this the hiding places get progressively more challenging.

Stage one of 'Find it!' - squeak the toy then hide...

Stage two of 'Find it!' the hunt is on..

Play in the garden, Max bringing up the rear

A number of clients have found their dogs return home not just calmer – but better behaved than before their stay. Whilst there is no formal training plan here, this comes about as I include good manners training by default. What does good manners training mean? Helping those doggies unfamiliar with important basics to learn to :

  • sit and wait for their food until called - no rushing the bowl. 
  • wait until humans have gone through doors first (not barge through doors ahead of people)
  • wait for permission/ invitation before joing me on the sofa (only if they’re allowed on your sofa at home).
  • be quiet. After an initial alarm bark at a noise, barking is discouraged

Three is the maximum I will take for my live-in care. I know most of my doggies guests and work out stays according to ensure doggie guests will be a good mix. Three is great for canine company on tap and the guests quickly make a mini pack - having fun and interacting on walks and at home.

So when you can’t be there, Perfect Pet Sitter really is the best best care anywhere!

Leo, Max & Audrey: on their way to Copacabana Lagoon and beach

Leo & Max majoring in cuteness

Back of the car about to go home, but treat time first!

 Audrey: 'come on boys, keep up!'

Max and Audrey couldn't get enough of swimming & being in the water, but Leo only ever wades in!